Day 91

yvonne had collab today!!! lucky butt hole sighz

day 1 today - not as warm as yesterrdaaaaaaaay :O :O aw still nice weather though. french lallalalal normal & crap being weird w/ sab & bonks. OH YAH spent it drawing on eachother… FREAKING BIANCA DRAWS ON MY EARLOBE W/ SHARPIE LOLOL. she coloured my nail & then drew me a bracelet then drew me a ring on each fourth finger too.. LOL WE WERE MARRIED ;) so retarded this class idek. found out blam & lee aren’t friends anymore.. hmm so complicated. science was normal, ms. naso gave us our ch. 1 quiz… surprised i didnt fail actually LOLOL 13/20 :D what i get for not studying but ya yay for it not counting.. rly don’t wanna start studying for science tho -.- JFLDJLKDS so stressful + so much information. didn’t rly do much during class LOLL… went through stuff on the power point & did stuff ya dun rmb LOL. lunch was normal, bought sloppy joessssss ;) mm messy LOOL sab ate a bit of salad & fries go to eberybody like always LOL. didn’t have enough ketchup :( drank some of bonks chocolate milk & traded w/ sab for her fried rice like alvays :D went to socials & that was blah… actually it was okay :o so tired today idek why & watched a video for 20 minutes ish… k everyone was sleeping LOLOL. fell asleep 3 times total, first 2 times was still aware of w/e was going on & the third time actually passed out.. HAHAH thank goodness for tasha waking me up :’) after that just did a lecture & read some pgs or smt……… class passed pretty quickly :D don’t understand anything we’re learning but its ok

MATH IS A PAIN IN THE REAR. HOLY freaking hajkdljalewjlrk dread that class everytime. HE ALWAYS PAYS ATTENTION TO US SO WE CAN’T SLACK OFF & IF WE DO HE ALWAYS CALLS ON US @: sat in the weird formation & sat next to tasha + marlinn.. drew in his agenda for the whole class LOLOLOL YAY FOR SHARPIE SPAMMING =) starting trigonometry which is fun so .. “yay”? can’t believe theres only a few weeks left tho actually.. so excited for it but ugh thinking about leaving the teachers & stuff makes me sad too :( :( :( :( :( :( esp mr. v + ms. eisner + ms. g WAHHHHHHH </3 um yah ok so planning to go dancing w/ cherri afterschool since tashas busy w/ piano AND THEN WE GET KEPT IN AFTERSCHOOL -.- PMO MR. SHEARDOWN U PMO AT TIMES LIKE DESE. totally did it on purpose too cause everyone was packed & stuff.. omg annoyed cause i needed to be at cherri’s house by 3:40 ish and the bus takes forever..

rushed out & was even faster than tasha LOLOL waited for the bus… bus there ladidilaldlda got off stop & bus was nasty and crowded as usual but yah walked home & on the way cherri callsss.. SAYS SHES COMING TO PICK ME UP ALREADY & SAYS IF I HURRY WE CAN MAKE IT & by the time i get there i already see her car -.- TOLD HER I WASNT READY LOL SIGH rushed it in there, dropped stuff off, got money, changed into sweats & shoes then her daddy drove us to skytrain station. RUSHRUSHRUSH FOR OUR LIVES since it start at 4:30, she validated her ticket & ran up the stairsss.. got on skytrain - empty surprisingly :O or mostly & yah just sat blabhablh talked albhalbhlab wanted to vlog but weird.. got off at burrard i think & she didnt know where the class was -.- FACE FREAKING PALM LOL WE RAN THERE & PEOPLE WERE STARING AT US AND HALF WAY SHE SAYS 1. we’re going the wrong way !!! & 2. OH NO YOU NEED SOMEONE TO SIGN A WAVER!! I FORGOT!! ………. sigh omfdsajfdslkajflk was sad cause i wanted to go :( whateber doe i guess…

in downtown & nice weather so might as well make the best of it. uhhhhh went back & went inside london drugs firstt like i always do when i’m with her LOLOL. don’t think we bought anything except for her contacts thingy, a bag each of hershey’s kisses (cookies & crem pour moi + almonds pour herr) and one more oh henry ehoheohe :3 just cause they were all on sale & yah.. she vlogged the whole time we were in there too LOOL. yah finished that & diidn’t rly know where we were going so walked around.. i was craving a hotdog but nah. went into pc & kind of chilled.. not rly just went into AE, looked a bit then spent like 15 minutes in food court waiting to decide what we wanted to eat. stood in front of sushi place for the longest time & couldn’t decide omg eventually chose a cali + dynamite combo for me & a cali + yam roll combo for her to go!! took so long & bought a small mango smoothie from DQ. by then was time to catch the skytrain cause she didn’t want her ticket to expire so yah skytrained back to joyceee :D stood there talking & lost track and missed our stop.. GG LOL & I WAS FREAKING WATCHING METROTOWN GO BY TOO!! sigh fp HAHAH, got off at royal oak & went back to joyce then walked home. craved subway but ya :( 

went back to the house & ate :3 omnomnommmmmmmmmm!! spent a while just eating & ya… afterwards went outside cause it was nice :D got a freezie ehoehoe. she was gonna teach me her old dance blabhlabhs dance moves cause we couldn’t dance today & we did that for a little whilee… she has bad memory HAHAH so had to call tasha while she was watching vd :3 taught me some for some song……. LOL was fun & yahhhhhhh. oh ya the songs were chris brown - transform ya + something else :) then started playing a buncha songs from her phone & filmed it :D made our own workout dance & we were so retarded omg…….. HAHAHAHAH it was so funny we kept running around in circles & doing weird things. plus some family came over to look at their house & the people were staring at us SO WEIRDLY LOL………… ohoyahayaohayah coco kept running around & it was so scary cause at one point raouls dog ran into some big husky & it was all yelping and i was scared it got bitten or something and coco was out and roaming AH ): but yaaaaa… DID THAT FOR QUITE A WHILE & then her phone died so we ran once around the block… did some more + coco kept running into the neighbours yard LOLOL then i walked home BY MESELF at 8/9 ish? walked through mco & saw mario samson & friends playing soccer on the field. not sure if i saw jory… idk if he was the bald one but been honestly 2 years since i’ve last seeen him LOLOL. saw milan & his friendssssssss biking around… weirdly the gym was open too :O but yah got home… laptopped & blah. watched khloe & lamar.. situation where malika comes to visit khloe & khloe brings her new friend + kind of leaves malika out. is almost EXACTLY like the situation i was in (being in malikas place) so many times when i was w/ cherri + her killarney friends lololllllllllllll esp last yr ish. iuno she prob doesn’t do it on purpose but doesn’t mean its annoying + hurts when we don’t even go to the same school & we make plans or go visit & she wants them to comee or she focuses her attention on them or w/e it is. doesn’t feel good to basically feel replaced.. BUT YAH had a connecting moment w/ that. did whateverr for a bit more & then showered at 11:30 ish + went to bed at 12 :) yay for being “early”

dunno what to do about charles……………………

2 years ago on 18 May 2012 ~ 4:25am